Wild Game Recipes.
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Alligator Chili
Apple Roasted Quail
Baked Elk Heart with Sage Dressing
Baked Quail
Barbecued Steak
Bayou Roasted Nutria
Bear Pot Roast
Bison Stew
Bison Stew
Blue Grouse (Chukars Pheasant) Cacciatore
Braised Pheasant
Braised Pheasant with Cabbage
Braised Pheasant with Sauerkraut
Brunswick Stew
Buffalo and Beer Pie
Buffalo Chili Con Carne
Caribou Chili
Coon with Gravy
Cornish Hens and Gravy
Creamed Grouse on Toast
Creamed Pheasant
Dakota Buffalo and Beer Pie
Deer Meat Chili
Deer Roast
Duck Elegante
Elk and Kraut
Elk Rib or Brisket Barbeque
English Wood Pigeon
French Colonial Civet Of Hare
French Rabbit Stew
Fricasseed Coon
Game Birds, Yugoslavian Way
Game Picadillo
Goose with Cabbage
Guinea Hen with Red Wine - (Faraona Al Vino Rosso)
Herbed Shoulder Roast
I-44 Road Kill Stew
Jugged Hare (Rabbit) England 1783
Moose Pot Roast
New England Potted Pigeons
Old Fashioned Rabbit Stew with Dumplings
Oregon Roast Young Goose
Peppered Hungarians
Pheasant In Red Wine
Pheasant Silverado
Pheasant with Grapes and White Wine Sauce
Polenta Doves
Possum Roast
Quick Easy "Orange Sauce Quail"
Reindeer Pot Roast
Roast Black Bear
Rocky TFS Stew
Rosemary Bergundy Moose Or Venison
Sage Grouse in Gravy
Salmi of Whitebill
Sauteed Quail
Smoked Bear Roast
Smokey Mountain Fried Squirrel
Smothered Quail
Squirrel Stew, Georgia Style
Stewed Squirrel with Sour Cream
Toledo Partridge Casserole
Wild Game Stewed In Cider