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Beef round; 1/2" thick or less
Yellow onions; sliced
Garlic; minced
Parsley; minced
Sprigs of thyme; optional
Salt and pepper; red and black

Figure about 1/2 pound per serving before trimming the round. Trim all fat from the round, cut into serving size pieces, and if you're so fortunate as to have found a bone-in round, include the bone in one of the servings. The marrow, even that little bit, is always the choice piece.

Place a small amount of oil in a black iron dutch oven, or the heaviest pot with a cover that you own. Heat. Salt and pepper the pieces, dredge in flour, place in pot, and brown on all sides. Don't crowd, remove as they brown to make more room. When the beef is all browned, add the sliced onions, cook and stir until clear, add garlic, cook a little more. Remove as much grease as you can from the pot (I push everything to one side, tilt the pot, and spoon out what I can, then use a paper towel to soak up more.)

Put the meat back in the pot, pile the onions on top, sprinkle in the parsley and thyme (optional), add enough water to have about 1/2 inch in the pot, cover. Stir occasionally, adding water as needed. The flour will fall off the meat and go into the gravy. The gravy will be thick, full of onion slices, and the meat should be fork tender in 1-2 hours, When you stir, scrape carefully so as not to break up the slices of meat.

This is so much better made the night before, and refrigerated until morning. Make too much for one meal, because this is wonderful cold on a sandwich.

Adjust salt before serving. This is not a hot pepper dish- use the hot pepper for a little zip, or leave