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Now, after you've finished grilling with the lid, you can still get more use out of the leftover charcoals. Prepare a 12" Dutch oven for baking at 400 degrees. Place a round metal rack in the bottom and allow the oven to warm up. In the meanwhile, prepare your favorite muffin mix and put it into a muffin tin that will fit inside the 12" Dutch oven. I used one that makes 6 average sized muffins, and it fits perfectly. Place your muffins in the Dutch oven and bake until the tops are brown, or a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. It took about 30 - 35 minutes each of 3 times I made my muffins. I used 12 briquettes under, and 16 briquettes over, the Dutch oven. What a treat to go with a cup of camp coffee!