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Texas Beef Barbecue

6 pounds beef brisket
3 bay leaves
2 quarts bone stock
salt and pepper

Bay Tea: Put the bay leaves in a about a cup of water and bring to a boil.

Let it simmer 10 minutes or so, then remove the leaves and add the bay tea to the bone stock, along with the salt and pepper. Put the brisket in your Dutch Oven and add the stock mixture to cover it about a quarter of the way.

Cover and cook over the fire, turning the brisket about every half hour until it's nearly done. This can be determined by forking. Mop it and lay it on the grill to finish cooking, being sure to turn it and mop it every 20 minutes or so.

To make a good natural gravy, add a little Worcestershire Sauce and maybe a dash of chili powder to the liquid you cooked the brisket in. You can also serve this with barbecue sauce.