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2 lb Lean beef roast
6 Black peppercorns -- whole
2 c Cider vinegar
2 tb Salt
2 c Water
2 tb Sugar
2 md Onions -- peeled sliced thin
1/4 c Flour -- for dredging
1 Lemon -- sliced thin
6 tb Flour
10 Whole cloves
2 tb Cooking oil
4 Bay leaves
6 Gingersnaps

Place the meat in a deep bowl.Pour over it the vinegar and water.Add onions,lemon,cloves,bay leaves,peppercorns,salt and sugar.Cover and place in refrigerator for a minimum of twodays,no longer than four.The longer it soaks,the stronger the taste.Turn mea When ready to cook,remove meat from liquid and dust lightly with flour,using up to 1/4 cup.Heat oil in large pot or dutch oven.Brown meat on all sides.Strain marinade,removing anddiscarding solids,keeping only clear liquid.Add 1 cup marinade liquid to mea When meat is done,remove from the pan.Crush the gingersnaps and combine with the 6 tbs.flour.Blend with 2 cups reserved marinade liquid,then stir into liquid in pan and bring to boil.Cook,stirring until thickened.Serve hot,with meat.Meat is also good cold.