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Baked Chicken

Separate boneless chicken breasts into eight pieces. Trim off excess fat and wash. Salt lightly and place on bottom of Dutch oven (or ceramic baking dish for home oven) that has been warmed (not hot) and lightly oiled.

Pour tomato sauce over breasts, lifting edges of breasts to allow some of sauce to get underneath. Sauce should not quite cover the chicken. Place pepper ring on top of each breast with onion slice in center. Reserve extra sauce to add as sauce cooks down.

Cover and add heat to top and bottom, sparingly on bottom to prevent burning, more on top. Bake at 325 degrees for about an hour.(In oven at home, bake uncovered.)

Check chicken occasionally, lifting edges to keep sauce under chicken. If Dutch oven is too hot, chicken may be done in about 40 minutes so monitor progress. About halfway through baking, toss in whole cherry tomatoes. These will add a bit of bulk to tomato sauce when served with chicken. Add more sauce as necessary to keep from boiling dry.

Serve on bed of rice or with side dishes of buttered noodles, scalloped or au gratin potatoes, and vegetable or salad.