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Allagash Bannock Bread

2-3 cups Bisquick
oil, butter, or margarine

Before greasing the 9" cake pan, use it as a bowl to mix the dough. Start by placing the Bisquick in the pan in a pile. Add a pinch of salt (optional), and perhaps some sugar. Stir this around with your fingers. Keeping the flour together, mix in just enough water, kneading with your hands, to make a not-too-sticky dough. If it gets sticky and you've kneaded in all the flour, just add a bit more. You won't need as much water as you think! Now place a couple tbsp of oil in the pan and spread it around with the ball of dough. Then spread the dough evenly into the bottom of the pan, pressing it into the edges.

Now cook the bannock on the bottom first, by placing the pan on a grill or on green sticks atop a cooking fire. When it's cooked long enough that it has stiffened up, remove it from the fire and lean it against a rock or something near the fire facing in toward the flames and coals. This will brown the top nicely. Let it cool -- if you can-- and then chomp-chomp.