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Donuts in a Dutch Oven

Buy a can or 2 of refrigerated biscuits from the store & a bottle of vegetable salad oil (Crisco, Mazola etc)

Carefully pour the oil into a Dutch oven, or other pan. Heat up the oil until it is hot. (My daughter even does this over the stove burner in a sturdy sauce pan or baby fryer.)

Take a biscuit & poke a hole in the middle so that you do not have a raw spot when it has cooked. It also allows the dough to cook faster. Or you can stretch the dough out until it is long & flat or make skinny funny shapes.

Carefully place (not drop) the dough into the hot oil & fry until golden brown & cooked through. Turn occasionally with tongs or slotted spoon.

When done, lift out of oil & drain on a paper towel.

You can drop the hot donuts into a bag with powdered sugar or a mixture of cinnamon & sugar, & shake. I like the paper bag technique but some roll them in a bowl of sugar instead of a bag. Eat while warm.

Colored sprinkles also work. Just like a real donuts shop...

This is one of the breakfast items my troop has make on outings. Not a lot of cleanup, & all that warm sugar.