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Breakfast Pizza

(This one is for very hardy eaters or 2 patrols)

3 lbs Bulk HOT Italian sausage
18 extra large eggs
2 lib Packages Ore-Ida "O" Brian frozen potatoes
8 oz. package shredded Cheddar cheese
1 Large onion
1/2 Medium size green pepper
2 Cups milk

12" Dutch oven & pliers
2 Pans
Large knife
1 Cup measuring cup
Large spoon

Break eggs into pan. (do not get eggshells into pan) Beat eggs until yolks & egg whites are mixed. Add milk to eggs and mix well. Add potatoes & cheese to eggs & mix well. Dice onion & green pepper into 1/4" pieces. Preheat dutch oven. Brown sausage, onions & green pepper until cooked. Remove sausage from oven & drain grease leaving enough to coat the bottom & sides of dutch oven. Return sausage to dutch oven & add egg mixture, stirring together until well mixed. Place dutch oven over 10 well placed charcoals, cover & put 18 well placed charcoals on cover. Bake approx. 45 minutes. Pizza is done when knife can be inserted into mixture & come out clean.