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Fruit Cobbler

3 tablespoons margarine or cooking oil
1 18-oz package yellow cake mix [Don't buy house brands - no good] Read the package instructions; they usually call for eggs and cooking oil
4 16-oz cans of fruit - drained thoroughly. Here's where you have lots of choices. In general the mild fruits like pears don't have enough taste. So go for something like peaches, plums, cherries, blackberries, blueberries. Fruit cocktail is pretty good. Don't skimp on the quantities
1 large 14-oz can "aerosol" whipped cream
1 4 pound bag of "instant" charcoal briquettes

Fire up the briquettes. Oil the dutch oven with margarine or cooking oil - bottom and sides. Open cans of fruit and drain thoroughly. Dump fruit in the oven. Mix cake mix according to instructions. Spread over top of fruit, even thickness and extending to sides of oven. Do not stir in with fruit. Any leftover margarine? Put small dollops on top of cake mix. Ready to cook . Place 5 hot coals underneath and 20 - 25 on top. Usually takes about 20 minutes to cook. Check in 15, particularly to see if cake is burning on bottom; if so, remove underneath coals. Cobbler is done when you can stick a clean knife in the cake mix and it comes up clean; i.e. without moist mix on it. [Usually its done about 5 minutes after the cake is brown on top.] Serve with whip cream on top of each serving. Serves 8-10