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Red Beans and Rice

(serves 6 to 8 boys)

1 can of red beans
Minute rice
Chopped dried chives
Fresh onion
Knorr dry mushroom soup mix
Seasoned salt

Preheat Dutch oven on fire.

Prepare four servings of Minute rice according to the instructions on box. While water for rice is heating, finely chop about 1/4 of small onion. Heat beans, onion, and tablespoon of chives in Dutch oven, simmering 6-8 minutes until steaming.

In separate saucepan, combine soup mix with 3/4 cup hot water to make a smooth sauce. Stir in pinch of thyme and a teaspoon of parsley flakes. Heat gently, stirring frequently for 3 to 4 minutes.

Rice, beans and soup mix should all be ready about same time. Fluff rice with fork. Drain beans, leaving a bit of liquid. Then fold rice into beans in Dutch oven; pour in soup mixture and stir/combine well.

Sprinkle top with paprika. Heat in oven until top is slightly dry and casserole is steaming.